Feb 25, 2020

The bird house-2D Concept to 3D Illustration

So I decided from now on to use my site to post progress of my work and this is the first thing to share here.

So I saw this amazing concept and decided to study it and have some fun while doing it, After contacting the artist and granting me the use of the concept I started modeling right away

Final Results

Here are the first results

I'm using Maya for modeling, UV Layout for texturing, Zbrush for sculpting, Substance for texture painting

Doing some sculpts in zbrush

Rigged the character and put it to it's pose, Now sleeping and happy :)

I started self learning 3D graphics when I was 18 , I always felt fitting in while doing so, I was born in a very small village and there was so many limitations of what I could do, so creating Artworks gave me the space I needed, I spent the next 7 years enhancing and developing my skills as a 3D Generalist.


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