Aug 6, 2013

Ivy Generator In Maya (Arabic tutorials)
 سلسه دروس باللغه العربيه بتوضح طريقه استخدام ال 
ivy generator
فى برنامج مايا ,, وازاى تقدر تستخدم ال 
بتاع مايا ,, وازاى تقدر تعين ال
دى النتائج النهائيه 
Ivy Generator In Maya (Arabic tutorials)

Ivy Generator In Maya (Arabic tutorials)

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I started self learning 3D graphics when I was 18 , I always felt fitting in while doing so, I was born in a very small village and there was so many limitations of what I could do, so creating Artworks gave me the space I needed, I spent the next 7 years enhancing and developing my skills as a 3D Generalist.


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